February 2, 2016

University of Catania

 CAPITT Center for the Technology Transfer

Via Fragalà 10, (2nd floor, Meeting Room) - Catania

18.00 20.00 Welcome Reception @ University of Catania

February 3, 2016

University of Catania

Department of Business Economics and Management

Palazzo delle Scienze, corso Italia 55 (2nd floor, Aula Magna) – Catania

8.00 8.20 Registration
8.20 8.30

Workshop Opening

Sanjay Goel, Giorgia M.D’Allura and Rosario Faraci

8.30 9.30

Unawareness, fatalism or foolhardiness? Cultural influences on business transmission in Italian SMEs, Filippo Ferrari

Discussants: Andrea Colli and Giorgia M. D’Allura

9.30 10.00 Coffee Break
10.00 11.00

The family businesses heterogeneity: An empirical investigation in the context of internationalization, Mariasole Banno, Giorgia M. D'Allura, Vincenzo Pisano and Rosario Faraci

Discussants: Alexandra Dawson and Paolo Gubitta

11.00 11.30 Coffee Break
11.30 13.00


Presentations based on abstract

  • Risk Management and Strategic Actions of New Family Ventures Entering Foreign Markets Early in Their Formation, Jake Duke
  • A study of Italian tobacco shops: innovation and family dynamics, Alessandra Tognazzo and Paolo Gubitta
  • The Internationalization of Family Businesses: the role of linguistic competences in Sicily, Veronica Benzo and Giuseppina Di Gregorio
13.00 14.45 Lunch Break
15.00 16.45

Workshop facilitator presentation

Prof. Amir Erez

16.45 17.15 Coffee Break
17.15 18.15

Next Generation: A Local Family Business Speech with Young Family Entrepreneurs

Carmelo Di Bartolo, Paola Cirinnà  and Giuseppe Lo Faro

Facilitator: Giorgia M. D’Allura


February 4, 2016

University of Catania

Department of Business Economics and Management

Palazzo delle Scienze, corso Italia 55 (2nd floor) – Catania

8.30 9.30

Female leadership and family business performance: Distinguishing between financial and nonfinancial performance, Ingrid Chadwick and Alexandra Dawson

Discussants: Rosario Faraci and Bice Della Piana

9.30 10.00 Coffee break
10.00 12.00

Workshop facilitator presentation

Prof. Andrea Colli

12.15 13.30 Lunch
13.30 14.30

The Family Business in the Fishing District of Mazara del Vallo. Critical issues and Dynamics, Vitalba Ponte, Salvatore Tomaselli and Gianna Agrò

Discussant: Sanjay Goel and Jake Duke

14.30 15.00 Coffee break
15.00 16.00

Well-being of the family members or well-being of the family firm? The moderating role of Humane Orientation on family involvement – firm performance relationship,

Bice Della Piana, Rosalia Santulli and Carmen Gallucci

Discussants: Giorgia Maria D’Allura and Sanjay Goel

16.00 16.30 Coffee break
16.30 17.30

The performance of entrepreneurially oriented family firms

Paolo Gubitta and Alessandra Tognazzo

Discussants: Andrea Colli and Rosario Faraci

17.30 18.00 Concluding Remarks and Announcement of the Three Best RDW- Papers, Sanjay Goel
18.00 19.15

Food, Drink & Think

Family Business Cocktail sponsored by “Centro Studi per il Family Business”

Meeting Sicilian Entrepreneurial Families:

Salvatore Abate and Giuseppe Condorelli

Facilitator: Rosario Faraci