“Feeding the fire of entrepreneurship:
Theory and practice for the enterprising family”
17-21 June 2019 | Bergamo, Italy

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The International Family Enterprise Research Academy

Welcome to IFERA, the largest membership association of family business scholars in the world. IFERA's mission is to promote family business as a scientific discipline and to help advance research and education on this important type of organization. Please feel free to look around the new website, attend conferences, or simply ask a question or offer a suggestion. We look forward to hearing from you and working together!

Torsten Pieper, IFERA President


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Join a vibrant community of scholars around the world and engage in the conversation on family business research.

45 Countries

The IFERA community encompasses researchers from over 45 countries and encourages truly international conversation around family enterprise research.

17 International Conferences

A truly global reach through our annual conferences around the world gives our members the opportunity for exchange and learning.

25 Partner Institutions

Dozens of partners join IFERA in its efforts worldwide to promote the highest standards in family enterprise research.


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Why Join? Because IFERA's unique network organization is the only one in the world focusing on collaboration and exchange of research. Our annual conferences provide an intimate, inspirational and interactive ambience for bringing together international family business friends, colleagues and fellows.

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