While you are getting ready for your next trip to Bergamo, we thought you might appreciate some curiosities about this beautiful city and its region. Oh, and please, don’t forget you are in Italy! Do I really need to say more?

  1. Thanks to its Venetian walls Bergamo has been recently elected World Heritage Site
  2. Bergamo is divided in two parts: Città Alta (Upper Town) and Città Bassa (Lower Town)
  3. “Polenta” which is one of the most popular local dishes, is a corn based porridge that goes pretty well with everything (especially cheese!)
  4. You can reach the Upper Town by bus, by funicolare or (highly recommended) climbing some very old stairs while enjoying the best views of the city
  5. If you fancy some exploration you can’t miss a trip to Lake Endine and Iseo and, if you are a mountain lover, there is plenty to hike on the beautiful Orobian pre-alps
  6. Every night at 10pm – for 360 years – the Bell Tower has chimed 100 times: marking the time of the closure of the city (relax, they don’t close it anymore)
  7. They say that the proud Bartolomeo Colleoni, our greatest leader, was very strong and endowed with a particular intimate… three and not two of his personal attributes. The Chapel dedicated to him displays his “tri-balled emblem” everywhere.
  8. The green hills around the city are home to the smallest DOCG in Italy, where Moscato di Scanzo is produced. This sweet wine is so precious that has been even served on the tables of Empress Catherine II of Russia.
  9. San Pellegrino, in the Brembana Valley, is home to the most famous mineral water in the world.
  10. At 1,750 meters above sea level, in Valbondione in the Seriana Valley, you’ll find the Serio waterfalls, the highest waterfalls in Italy. 300 meters of pure natural show!

For more information please visit: http://www.visitbergamo.net/en/