IFERA 2014 Lappeenranta

September 18, 2017

IFERA 2014 Conference at Lappeenranta, Finland Co-operation Within and Amongst Family Businesses What ideas and principles do business families and family businesses follow in their internal and external relations to secure efficient and effective co-operation? The International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) and the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) invite you to participate in the 2014 IFERA Annual Conference (IFERA 2014).  This global conference will take place in the beautiful town of Lappeenranta, located in South-Eastern Finland on the shores of the country’s largest lake, from June 24 –27, 2014.    The purpose of the conference is to advance family business scholarship by (1) serving as a platform for presentation of carefully crafted contributions seeking to find home in top-tier academic journals, (2) advancement of papers that need further development in order to make a meaningful contribution, (3) testing of new ideas and plans that will benefit via advice from other members of the IFERA family and our distinguished quests, and (4) raising of new and relevant questions concerning family business. Finally, with the IFERA tradition of having fun, the conference provides an inspiring and a unique atmosphere for networking, bonding, and exchanging ideas, as well as imaginative and unique social programs, highlighting the local culture, cuisine, and charms. Our pre-conference event, the IFERA Consortiums are initiatives aimed at developing research skills of doctoral students and research faculty. Our post -conference event, “IFERA Family Business Day” aims to engage business families and family business scholars in a synergistic conversation to promote an appreciation of research and enhance the relevance of academic research. It underlines the role of IFERA as a bridge between intellectual framings and praxis of family business. Save the date!  June 24-27, 2014!  We look forward to seeing you here in June 2014 and saying “welcome!”  “tervetuloa!”  Dear Colleagues, We are delighted to host IFERA 2014 Annual Conference at the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). Lappeenranta is a city of about 72 000 inhabitants in Southeast Finland, on the border of the European Union and Russia. Location on the southern shores of the lake Saimaa makes Lappeenranta the regions’ centre for tourism. The closeness of the border and the role of the university are manifested by references to Lappeenranta as “the International University City”. The conference theme “Co-operation within and amongst family businesses” calls us to discuss about collective action within and between family and business systems as well as amongst family businesses. The theme challenges us to think about the core ideas, values and principles that help secure efficient, effective, and sustainable co-operation amongst individuals and entities in different family business contexts. We expect this to contribute to a variety of established scholarly discussions within the field, but also open previously ignored avenues for family business research. The conference will be addressed by two outstanding scholars, Professor Michael Pratt (Boston College) and Professor Theodore Greenstein (North Carolina State University), who will also participate in pre- and/or post-conference activities. Pre-conference activities feature IFERA 2014 Faculty Development and Doctoral Consortiums that contribute to the development of scholarly competencies of IFERA members and also help the field realize its potential. The conference concludes […]

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