Rising Stars in Family Business Research

March 18, 2018

You don’t need to look far to appreciate the fast-growing impact of family business research. Outstanding contributions like Chua et al.’s (1999) seminal definition paper, Schulze et al.’s (2001) analysis of agency costs in family firms, Anderson and Reeb’s (2001) study of family firm performance, Gomez-Mejia et al.’s (2007) paper on socioemotional wealth, and Miller and Le Breton-Miller’s (2005) best-selling book “Managing for the long run”, just to cite some, played a crucial role for the growth and impact of family business research. But who appear to be the next “rising stars” of the field? Citation patterns are highly unpredictable, but a look at the 10 most cited papers published respectively in the last three years (according to Web of Science) offers a sneak peek into the recent contributions that have the potential to shape the future of our field. -2017- Why Is Family Firms’ Internationalization Unique? A Meta-Analysis Arregle, JL; Duran, P; Hitt, MA; van Essen, M ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY AND PRACTICE Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Disentangling Family Heterogeneity to Advance Family Business Research Jaskiewicz, P; Dyer, WG FAMILY BUSINESS REVIEW Stewardship Climate Scale: An Assessment of Reliability and Validity Neubaum, DO; Thomas, CH; Dibrell, C; Craig, JB FAMILY BUSINESS REVIEW Religious Belief, Corporate Philanthropy, and Political Involvement of Entrepreneurs in Chinese Family Firms Du, XQ JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS Variance in Family Members’ Assessments: The Importance of Dispersion Modeling in Family Firm Research Holt, DT; Madison, K; Kellermanns, FW FAMILY BUSINESS REVIEW Where Do you Want to take your Family Firm? A Theoretical and Empirical Exploratory Study of Family Business Goals Basco, R BUSINESS RESEARCH QUARTERLY Capturing the Familiness of Family Businesses: Development of the Family Influence Familiness Scale (FIFS) Frank, H; Kessler, A; Rusch, T; Suess-Reyes, J; Weismeier-Sammer, D ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY AND PRACTICE Family Firm(s) Outcomes Model: Structuring Financial and Nonfinancial Outcomes Across the Family and Firm Holt, DT; Pearson, AW; Carr, JC; Barnett, T FAMILY BUSINESS REVIEW The Role of Female Directors in Promoting CSR Practices: An International Comparison between Family and Non-Family Businesses Rodriguez-Ariza, L; Cuadrado-Ballesteros, B; Martinez-Ferrero, J; Garcia-Sanchez, IM BUSINESS ETHICS – A EUROPEAN REVIEW An Archival Approach to Measuring Family Influence: An Organizational Identity Perspective Anglin, AH; Reid, SW; Short, JC; Zachary, MA; Rutherford, MW FAMILY BUSINESS REVIEW -2016- Doing More with Less: Innovation Input and Output in Family Firms Duran, P; Kammerlander, N; van Essen, M; Zellweger, T ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL Development of a Socioemotional Wealth Importance (SEWi) Scale for Family Firm Research Debicki, BJ; Kellermanns, FW; Chrisman, JJ; Pearson, AW; Spencer, BA JOURNAL OF FAMILY BUSINESS STRATEGY Family Firm Internationalization: A Configurational Approach Kraus, S; Mensching, H; Calabro, A; Cheng, CF; Filser, M JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH Viewing Family Firm Behavior and Governance Through the Lens of Agency and Stewardship Theories Madison, K; Holt, DT; Kellermanns, FW; Ranft, AL FAMILY BUSINESS REVIEW Innovation Through Tradition: Lessons from Innovative Family Businesses and Directions for Future Research De Massis, A; Frattini, F; Kotlar, J; Petruzzelli, AM; Wright, M ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVES Family Governance at Work: Organizing for New Product Development in Family SMEs De Massis, A; Kotlar, J; Frattini, […]

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