Get to know our LATAM Chapter: Renata Bernardon

January 13, 2021

This series of interviews is meant to introduce our IFERA Latam Chapter committee, devoted to advancing Family Business Research in Latin America. Renata Bernardon graduated in business from the PUCRS (2001), she has a Master in Business and Administration also from PUCRS (2004), a MBA Entrepreneurship & Family Business from, EAE, Barcelona – Spain (2007) and a Ph.D. in Business from the UNISINOS, with a period at EDHEC (France) (2018) as a visiting researcher. She has experience in the area of management, with emphasis on strategy and direction of Family Businesses. She is currently Director of Continuing Education at PUCRS, professor at undergraduate and postgraduate level of disciplines related to Family Business Management, and acting as an independent advisor on boards of directors. Licenciada en Administración de Empresas por la PUCRS (2001), Maestría en Negocios y Administración también por la PUCRS (2004), MBA en Emprendimiento y Empresa Familiar por la EAE, Barcelona, España (2007) y Doctorado en Administración por la Unisinos, con período de estudios en EDHEC (Francia) (2018) como investigadora invitada. Tiene experiencia en el área de Administración, con énfasis en Administración Estratégica y Gestión de Empresas Familiares. Actualmente es Directora de Educación Continuada de la PUCRS, profesora a nivel de pregrado y posgrado de disciplinas relacionadas con la temática de Gestión de Empresas Familiares, además de actuar como asesora independiente en juntas directivas.   How long have you been a member of IFERA? ¿Cuándo se unió como miembro a IFERA? I have been with IFERA for five years, since 2015. Desde 2015.   How many annual conferences have you attended so far? ¿A cuántas conferencias anuales asistió hasta ahora? 2019 – Bergamo – Italy 2018 – Zwolle – Netherlands 2017 – Zadar – Croatia 2016 – Bogotá – Colombia   Based on your knowledge, what would you say about researching in Brazil? Con base en sus conocimientos, ¿qué diría sobre la realización de investigaciones en Brasil? In Brazil, scientific activity presents several challenges. We know that 60% of the research produced is concentrated in 15 public universities; that is, it is still necessary to overcome aspects such as the attractiveness for the researcher’s career, since it is unattractive from an economic point of view, in addition to mechanisms for access to resources. Specifically, concerning the field of family businesses, in Brazil, this is even worse. Although there is research, they still deal with aspects related to the family and non-family business dichotomy. Few studies/researches address the family’s influence on the business and vice versa, which in my opinion is the characteristic of analysis of relevance and impact. It is also necessary to have scientific rigor and bring appropriate theoretical lenses for interpreting the data and adopting proper methodologies for understanding the family business phenomenon. En Brasil la actividad científica se enfrenta a diferentes desafíos. Sabemos que un 60% de la investigación producida se concentra en 15 (quince) universidades públicas, o sea, aún se hace necesario superar tales aspectos como la atracción hacia la carrera de investigador, una vez que resulta poco atractiva desde el punto de vista económico, además de la dificultad de mecanismos para acceder a los […]

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Career and Cause: Relevant Family Business Research

January 7, 2021

This webinar will explore the nature of relevant research and discuss how it is the key to finding meaning in one’s career as well as how to leverage it into meeting career goals. Relevance has become a very important topic of late in academia, particularly in business schools. The accrediting bodies (AACSB, EFMD, EQUIS) are taking notice and beginning to require new and creative ways to demonstrate relevance. Even the keepers of the FT 150 are struggling with the topic as evidenced by their latest survey of academicians and business schools. This session will bridge the gap and hopefully allow you to discover the ways in which your research can be helpful to the wides audience possible with the deepest impact and a career booster at the same time. SPEAKER: Joseph Astrachan DATE: January 28, 2021 TIME: 5.00 -6.00 pm (CET)   WATCH THE WEBINAR:

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