IFERA 2024: an interview with the conference chairs

As IFERA 2024 is approaching, we decided to share some reflections with our colleagues working behind the scenes of the annual conference. We have therefore interviewed the three chairs, Remedios Hernández Linares, Miguel Pina e Cunha and Alexandre Dias da Cunha to better understand their expectations and goals for the upcoming event.   IFERA 2024 […]

Crafting Captivating Titles in Family Business Research: Don’t forget the colon.

In our field of family business studies, the title of a scholarly publication serves as a crucial gateway to the complexities and dynamics unique to these enterprises. Crafting an engaging title demands a delicate dance between clarity, originality, and relevance. We have gathered a few principles that might be helpful to transform a mere descriptor […]

The IFERA Family keeps growing: Let’s meet our new PhD Ambassadors!

In the last issue of 2023, the IFERA R&D team is excited to announce wonderful news for the family business community. We are delighted to share that our team has recently expanded with the addition of four new PhD ambassadors. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce them in this dedicated article. Lajos Szabó is a […]

The Art of Scientific Storytelling: A New Approach from Andrea Brunello

Can science be communicated through a creative, fun, and effective medium? The answer is yes! The expressive languages of theater, storytelling, and other art forms can generate an empathetic and inspiring communication of science, as well as new opportunities for science outreach and education. We had the chance to expand this perspective during a session […]

How to be a critic: Introducing the IFERA Reading Club

Love it or hate it. Take it or leave it. Next to writing scientific articles, reading them is our bread and butter. Some of us know all about them: The authors, the year it was published, the journal, the title, the page numbers, the reference list, and all the other details that make a publication […]

The IFERA 2023 Award Ceremony

IFERA 2023 proved to be a remarkable event in the year, surpassing all expectations. Jagiellonian University served as the gracious host, creating an engaging academic atmosphere complemented by the beautiful city of Krakow. The conference featured a rich and diverse program, including Doctoral Consortium, PDW, parallel sessions, and thought-provoking keynote speeches by Arist von Schlippe, […]

10 things to see in Krakow during the IFERA 2023 Conference

Dear IFERA friends, get ready for what awaits you at our upcoming conference. Next to preparing for interesting workshops and presentations, it will soon be time to take out the foldable paper maps, look confused while you try to find your way to the next hot spot in town, and greet locals in the few […]

It doesn’t always need to be a paper: Collaborating your way forward.

Are published papers the only currency that counts in your career? Let it be a belief, a truth, or an illusion, writing a paper certainly is a developmental experience in itself because of the inherent process of knowledge generation. Even more so if such a paper is written in a team. On top of philosophical […]

How can you own your Ph.D. journey? We’ve got you covered!

In the last post, we mentioned that the Ph.D. journey could be a rollercoaster on many levels. While there is no magic formula that can solve all individual challenges, there are a few tricks that can make our day-to-day life not only more bearable but also enriching, and most importantly, can help you making the […]

The PhD’s mental health rollercoaster

Have you ever experienced lack of sleep or loss of attention since you started your PhD? Have you ever thought you’re not good enough and research is something not for you? Or maybe, did you ever got to the point of having such obsessive thoughts about your work that prevents you from disconnecting? If you answer […]