How to Turn a Ph.D. Research into a Book

February 4, 2021

An interview with Dr. Alan Amling and Journey Sixty6 founders Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks Some of the best ideas never see the light of day. Or they see only a few moments of the daylight in the form of academic journals. In this webinar, two writing experts, Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks, interview Dr. Alan Amling, whose Ph.D. work centered on topic of innovation and disruption in large incumbent corporations. Dr. Amling spent his career at UPS, an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company. In this last role at UPS, he served as a leader for its venture capital group. In a few months, Dr. Amling’s book called “Organizational Velocity” will be released. Dr. Amling worked with Dave and Melissa to translate the more technical writing and research, derived from his Ph.D. dissertation, into a trade book format that appeals to a much wider audience. Attendees of the webinar will hear what Dr. Amling has discovered over the course of the past year of writing, including • How he narrowed his dissertation into an engaging thesis for a book; • How he identified his core audience for the book; • The keys to translating ideas from academic research into more popular language; • How to identify key stories from the research and craft them into supportive material for the book; and • How to expand the core ideas from the dissertation into takeaways for the reader. DATE: February 26, 2021 TIME: 4.00  PM (CET) Free Resource to identify your primary reader: “Who Is My Reader”: Watch the video:

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Career and Cause: Relevant Family Business Research

January 7, 2021

This webinar will explore the nature of relevant research and discuss how it is the key to finding meaning in one’s career as well as how to leverage it into meeting career goals. Relevance has become a very important topic of late in academia, particularly in business schools. The accrediting bodies (AACSB, EFMD, EQUIS) are taking notice and beginning to require new and creative ways to demonstrate relevance. Even the keepers of the FT 150 are struggling with the topic as evidenced by their latest survey of academicians and business schools. This session will bridge the gap and hopefully allow you to discover the ways in which your research can be helpful to the wides audience possible with the deepest impact and a career booster at the same time. SPEAKER: Joseph Astrachan DATE: January 28, 2021 TIME: 5.00 -6.00 pm (CET)   WATCH THE WEBINAR:

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Recovering From the Covid-19 Pandemic: Organizational and Individual Determinants

December 7, 2020

Companies around the world have been shaken by the outbreak of Covid-19. Yet, there seems to be a wide heterogeneity in the response of firms to the pandemic. What shapes the ability of companies to overcome pandemics and other external shocks? Using archival and survey data from a variety of institutional contexts, I will discuss the role of governance and leadership at the firm level, as well as the role of individual traits related to entrepreneurs’ human capital and psychology. Empirical evidence suggests that family-controlled firms are better equipped than non-family firms to overcome a pandemic. Individual factors, too, play a significant role: optimistic beliefs, in parallel with risk tolerance and education, are positively associated with the ability to undertake corporate actions to face the pandemic. Collectively, these results provide novel evidence on the ability to ride out of catastrophic events. SPEAKER: Mario Daniele Amore, SDA Bocconi DATE: December 10, 2020 TIME: 6.00 – 7.00 PM, CET Watch the webinar:

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Beyond Convention: Rethinking Qualitative Research in Family Business

November 16, 2020

Qualitative research embraces a range of paradigmatic lenses, methods, means of inference and theorizing styles. Despite its promising diversity, Family Business (FB) scholarship has mainly followed the convention of inductive exploration. While conventions are important for legitimizing academic discourses, they are also meant to be problematized so as to help FB researchers capture changing phenomena and drive the field forward. The purpose of this seminar is to question the disciplinary convention and offer alternatives on qualitative research in FB scholarship. DATE: November 26, 2020 TIME: 4.00 PM (CET) Watch the webinar:    

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Latin America

July 8, 2020

This webinar is dedicated to the sharing and discussion of findings and best practices from the COVID 19 Survey with Latin America based Family Businesses and Researchers (in Spanish). DATE: July 23, 2020 TIME: 11.00  Buenos Aires Time REGISTRATIONS: Event Chair: Pedro Vazquez & Isabel Botero ( ) HAVE YOU MISSED THIS WEBINAR? Watch it now at:  

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July 7, 2020

Im Rahmen des deutschsprachigen Webinars besprechen wir einführend kurz die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse aus der globalen Umfrage, und insbesondere die effektivsten Massnahmen zum Umgang mit der Krise sowohl im Unternehmen als auch auf Ebene der Familie. Anschliessend freuen wir uns, Eduard R. Dörrenberg begrüssen zu dürfen, den geschäftsführenden Gesellschafter der Dr. Wolff Gruppe, und Urenkel des Gründers. Sein Kurzreferat trägt den Titel “Morgens Krise, Nachmittags Chance: In fünf Tagen von der Idee zur Produkteinführung” und zeigt auf, wie das Unternehmen in nur fünf Tagen ein neues Produkt names Linolasept (ein Handdesinfektionsgel) entwickelt und produziert hat. DATE: July 30, 2020 TIME: 17:00-19:30 Uhr REGISTRATIONS: Event Chairs: Tom Ruesen & Claudia Binz Astrachan ( )   Erkenntnisse aus der Forschungsstudie: Vorbereitungsgespräch zum Webinar:

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July 7, 2020

This webinar is dedicated to the sharing and discussion of findings and best practices from the COVID 19 Survey with Australian based Family Businesses and Researchers. Facilitated by Assoc. Prof Chris Graves, Dr. Claudia Binz Astrachan and Prof. Joe Astrachan will share and discuss the latest findings and best practices from the COVID 19 survey. Two Australian family business owners will also give their account of the lessons learnt as their families and businesses respond to the current crisis. The session will conclude with a Q&A session for collaborative learning. This webinar will be invaluable for family business leaders, their advisors and policy-makers who collectively play a role in assisting family businesses in successfully responding to the crisis brought about by COVID-19. DATE: July 29, 2020 TIME: 11.00 -12.00 AEST REGISTRATIONS: TO REGISTER FOR FREE PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING CODE: UOAFBAWEB20 Contacts: Chris Graves ( )  

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IFERA 2020 Academic Awards

June 22, 2020

This is not a common year, we all know that. But “not common” should not necessary mean “bad”, at least on things we can control. We could not host our annual conference in Santander, true, but we are a community 365 days a year and there is no excuse for not caring. This is why we decided to try and develop a different kind of experience, something that could reach you as if we were all together at our Annual Gala. We know virtual is no substitute to real human connection, but we hope you could feel how much we wanted to make this moment special for you. Thanks again to all authors, reviewers, presenters and guests who made this event possible and, congratulations to all nominated and winning papers and authors. But, with no further ado… please welcome to the IFERA Family the first virtual Academic Awards! Enjoy the show.   BEST CONFERENCE PAPER AWARD: Nominated Papers: Family wellbeing under business financial constraints. Lucia Naldi, Daniel Pittino, Francesco Chirico, Mattias Nordqvist From Fiber To Sire: Reconciling The Socioemotional Wealth (Sew) And The Family Social Capital (Fsc) Approach. Inés Herrero, Luis Gómez-Mejía Identity Leadership in Family Businesses: A Trickle-Up Model of Non-Family Employees’ Identification. Pauline Boberg, Jana Bovers, Kai Bormanm, Christina Hoon Managing the Effects of Relationship Conflict on the Achievement of Family-Oriented Non-Economic Objectives: The Moderating Role of Family Governance. Chris Graves, Donella Caspersz, and Francesco Barbera Winning paper: Identity Leadership in Family Businesses: A Trickle-Up Model of Non-Family Employees’ Identification. Pauline Boberg, Jana Bovers, Kai Bormanm, Christina Hoon BEST PAPER ON CONFERENCE THEME Nominated papers: Family Portfolio Entrepreneurship and Family Firm Survival: A Rejuvenation Across Generations. Melih Madanoglu, Iñaki Peña-Legazkue, Jesusmari Valdaliso and José L. González-Pernía Lee – -The Effects of Paternalistic Leadership on Non-Family TMT Members’ Turnover Intention: The Mediating Role of Psychological Ownership. Jean Lee and Dongjie Xu The Role of Temporal Orientations and Intergenerational Tensions in Multigenerational Family Firms. Vittoria Magrelli, Emanuela Rondi, Alfredo De Massis, and Josip Kotlar Does Intergenerational Transfer Hinder the Realisation of Innovation Potential? Yong Wang and Ahmad Beltagui Winning paper: Family Portfolio Entrepreneurship and Family Firm Survival: A Rejuvenation Across Generations. Melih Madanoglu, Iñaki Peña-Legazkue, Jesusmari Valdaliso and José L. González-Pernía BEST CONCEPTUAL PAPER Nominated papers: Citizenship Behaviors in Family Enterprises: Understanding its Nature and Dimensionality. Isabel Botero, Neus Feliu Family business stakeholder relationships: understanding the roots of their trust. Marie Deferne, Alexandra Bertschi and Julia De Groote Ruzzene – -Exploring The Potential Of A Causal Mechanistic Approach To Family Business Phenomena: The Case Of Corporate Entrepreneurship. Attilia Ruzzene, Mara Brumana, Tommaso Minola Winning paper: Citizenship Behaviors in Family Enterprises: Understanding its Nature and Dimensionality. Isabel Botero, Neus Feliu BEST PAPER CONTRIBUTION TO PRACTICE Nominated papers: Tough on the Outside, Soft on the Inside. The Perception of Signaling the Family Firm Status in a Consulting Context. Natalie Rauschendorfer, Reinhard Prüegl, Maximilian Lude Stingy Principals or Benevolent Stewards: Reward Practices in Family Trucking Companies. Peter Bamberger, Aleksandra Kuzmenko, Nava Michael-Tsabari, Etti Doveh, John E. Delery & Nina Gupta Addressing the Theory-Practice Divide In Family Business Research: The Case Of Shareholder Agreements. […]

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Family Business Resilience in Times of Crisis

June 16, 2020

FAMILY BUSINESS RESILIENCE IN TIMES OF CRISIS: BRIDGING RESEARCH AND PRACTICE Family businesses have been acknowledged for their superior longevity rates demonstrating their resilience over generations, beyond family, business, economic and context-specific crises. This panel will explore the factors, dynamics and impacts of resilience in family businesses from a dual perspective. Our panelists are scholars and practitioners in the family business field with a management and psychology background. They will share their insights based on research and cases then engage in a conversation with the participants by extrapolating their learnings to the current and future crises. Each panelist will propose a recommended reading prior to the session to encourage timely and fruitful exchanges and inspire future research directions. Speakers: Fredda Herz Brown, PhD Prof. Dr. Ivan Lansberg Prof. Dr. Tom Rüsen Prof. Dr. Salvo Tomaselli Moderated by: Rania Labaki Claudia Binz Astrachan SUGGESTED READINGS:

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Agency, Altruism, and Governance in Family firms: Looking back and looking forward

September 16, 2020

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of publication of Agency and Altruism in Family Firms, an article that sparked ongoing theoretical interest, and substantial debate, about the governance of family firms. In this session, I will share some history and perspective about both that article, as well as the evolution of theory and research that that occurred over the past two decades since its publication. Directions for future research will also be addressed. Part of the 2020 IFERA Research Development Program. Date: September 24, 2020 Time: 6.00 PM CET WATCH IT NOW:

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