Research Development

Our Research Development Program offers IFERA members the opportunity to engage in a developmental journey, promoting a portfolio of integrated and synergic initiatives which respond effectively to the diversity of needs expressed by members at different stages of career and professional development.
With this intent, the Research Development Program is articulated in three specific tracks: Doctoral Consortium, Summer School and Paper Development Workshop.


RDP @ IFERA 2021 

Over 2020 IFERA RDP offered monthly webinars on a wide range of topics including literature review, qualitative and quantitative research methods, theory development.

With the same intent, during the IFERA 2021 Conference, the RDP is designed as interactive and educational track, open to any scholar participating in the conference with an interest in:

  • research methodology
  • theory development
  • research journey

Most of the RDP sessions during IFERA 2021 will be open to all IFERA 2021 Conference participants,

The only exceptions are the Summer School and two special sessions of Doctoral Consortium and Paper Development Workshop.  Click on the tracks to find out more.

Yearly initiatives:

Doctoral Consortium

An introduction to family business research with Introductory topics, inspiring talks, networking and mentoring. Special focus on early stage PhD students.


Summer School

Targeted at anyone who would like to engage in a research retreat, to deepen their knowledge in family business research though theories and methods, improving writing skills, networking and mentoring. Special focus on mid-advanced stage PhD students and early faculty.

Paper Development Workshop

We assist researchers in the last stages of paper development to prepare their submissions to top journals, holding “How to publish” presentations, one-to-one discussions with Editors and Roundtable sessions.

Continuous cycle:


The Research Development Program is not just a “once a year” appointment. It is the way in which IFERA aims to provide all members with a continuous cycle of developmental initiatives and resources throughout the year, especially far from our annual conference dates. Browse, read and watch.