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Paper Development Workshop

The Paper Development Workshop (PDW) is a unique opportunity to engage in an in-depth discussion with the Editors of highly ranked journals, and to receive detailed feedback about your manuscript aimed at advancing your work toward journal submission.

Submission for the PDW are finished products - original completed research manuscripts that are almost ready for journal submission. The PDW is open to all types of manuscript (e.g., conceptual, empirical) and to any family business topic. In the submission process, authors can select their preferences from a list of Journal Editors.

PDW submissions will be assessed according to a double-blind process with at least two reviewers, and will be finally selected and allocated to Editors by the Program Committee.

Submissions selected for inclusion in the workshop will be those judged to make potentially significant and novel theoretical contributions to family business and management research, and have the highest potential for publication in highly-ranked journals. Submission that are not selected for the PDW may be invited to present the work during the Conference as a Full Paper (FP) or a Work in Progress (WIP).

Track Overview


June 24, 2020 (during IFERA Conferece, day 1)


Anyone who wishes an introduction to family business research. Special focus on early stage PhD students.


Introductory topics, inspiring talks, networking and mentoring.


  • Sharon Alvarez - Academy of Management Review, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
  • Kimberly Eddleston - Journal of Business Venturing
  • Franz Kellermanns - Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
  • Gerardo Patriotta - Journal of Management Studies
  • Bill Schulze - Journal of Management


Acceptance based on submitted research proposal.


Included in the Annual Conference ticket but requires separate submission.


March 2, 2020 .


Submission Guidelines

Submissions for the Paper Development Workshop should include:

  1. A cover letter (max 2 pages) including the following information
    • Title of the paper and authors
    • A short description of the stage of development of the paper, whether it has been previously presented to conferences and/or submitted to journals, and the authors’ plans as to the further development and submission of the paper.
    • Up to three bullet points summarizing the key theoretical contributions of the research
    • Up to three bullet points indicating open questions that the authors would like to discuss with the selected Editor(s)
  2. The manuscript: Maximum 35 pages including references, tables and figures.

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