Event Overview:

The IFERA 2021 Conference will be the 21st edition of our annual meeting and the first in a virtual format. But it will not be the usual virtual event.
Transposing a physical conference in a virtual format was not a solution. So, we created a whole new format from scratch to guarantee an outstanding experience by leveraging what the virtual setting has to offer.


Nobody is expecting delegates to spend full days in front of a screen, this is why the conference will be longer, sessions will be more distributed and content will always be available on-demand even after the live conference will end.

IFERA 2021 is a 5 weeks / 24 hours access to relevant sessions and contents. So, what is expecting you is no longer a conference, but a Family Business Festival. Be ready for it.
The event will be organized in 4 main tracks:


All content of the 4 tracks will be accessible from all attendees after its release with the exception of 2 Research Development sessions:

Doctoral Consortium 1 to 1 mentoring (requires submission)

PDW (option available to all submitted papers, requires acceptance)

Find out more about the Research Development Track here.