How it all came about

Following the initiative taken by Kristin Cappuyns (IESE, Spain), a small group of committed family business researchers came together to hold meetings specifically to discuss family business research (Barcelona, 1999 and Amsterdam, 2000). The purpose was to share experiences and network at an international level. At these meetings, it became evident that family business research, theory and practice had been emerging rapidly over the last decade. The field had reached a stage where there was a need for further quality improvement through enhanced collaboration and accelerated learning from best practices.

Researchers in the family business field desperately needed a platform allowing them to meet and exchange information on a regular basis.

And so, in January 2001, an international team of researchers met in Barcelona to work out some basic protocols for a formal organization, named IFERA, The International Family Enterprise Research Academy.

Since its very beginning, IFERA counts on the support of an extended group of researchers from the family business field, whose membership is growing exponentially.

ifera founding board

IFERA Founding Board:

Left to right:

    Albert Jan Thomassen Tias Business School, Family Business Center, Netherlands
    Joe Astrachan Formerly Kennesaw State University, Wachovia Chair of Family Business, USA
    Kristin Cappuyns IESE, International Business School, Family Business Chair, Spain
    Christine Blondel INSEAD, France
    Kosmas Smyrnios School of Marketing, RMIT University, Australia
    Daniela Montemerlo SDA Bocconi, Bocconi University, Italy
    Panikkos Poutziouris Manchester Science Enterprise Centre, United Kingdom
    Salvatore Tomaselli Palermo University, Italy
    Alvaro Vilaseca IEEM, University of Montevideo, Uruguay