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To survive and thrive over time, family businesses face the important challenge of generational transfer and renewal. The new generations have the task of developing regenerative capacities to enlarge economic and non-economic wealth for future generations. In a world dominated by the uncertainty and disruptive changes, family businesses work as intergenerational alliances oriented not only to preserve but also to generate a sustainable and growing legacy across generations. Past research demonstrated that family businesses are able to be innovative, international and entrepreneurial, renewing and evolving without losing their foundational values, identities and idiosyncrasies. Scholars have highlighted the importance of successful intergenerational processes when developing smooth transitions from the past to the future, from previous generations to the following, as well as for effectively address new and global challenges. In sum, expanding knowledge about the antecedents, processes and consequences of generational renewal in family businesses is an important priority for family business research and practice.

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