Student & Emeritus Membership

125.00 now and 125.00 on March 31st each year

Please note this subscription will not renew automatically so you will never be charged until you manually renew it.

First payment: March 31, 2022



Why Join? Because IFERA’s unique network organization is the only one in the world focusing on collaboration and exchange of research. Our annual conferences provide an intimate, inspirational and interactive ambience for bringing together international family business friends, colleagues and fellows.

IFERA Memberships are yearly memberships starting on April 1 and ending on March 31. You are currently purchasing or renewing the 2021 IFERA Membership.

This membership option is dedicated to students & emeritus professors
A student is a graduate student participating to a PHD program or with an interest in the field of family business who is not otherwise employed on a full-time basis and pay dues at a reduced rate for a maximum of six years or until graduation, whichever comes 
An emeritus professor is a retired professor.