Why Should I care? Audience Engagement in Science Communication

Communicating scientific research effectively is essential for ensuring that findings reach and impact the intended audiences. This challenge is especially significant in specialized fields like family business research. Engaging diverse audiences (academics, practitioners, policymakers, and the general public) requires thoughtful consideration of their unique needs and interests. This edition of the Sci-Comm Column explores the challenge of audience engagement in scientific communication, specifically in the context of family business research, and offers practical advice on recognizing and framing content for different audiences.

Less is More: Nail Your Conference Presentation

In the world of academic conferences, your presentation is more than just a summary of your research; it’s a showcase of your work, a testament to your dedication, and, perhaps most importantly, an opportunity to communicate your findings effectively. The motto “less is more” has never been more pertinent than in this context.

Nerd is Cool: The Modern Researcher

In the hallowed halls of academia and the dynamic world of research, a quiet revolution has unfolded over the years. The image of the scientist, long stereotyped by books, cinema, and TV as the eccentric loner with unkempt hair and an inexplicable fondness for white lab coats, has undergone a remarkable transformation. This edition of the Sci Comm Column journeys through the evolution of the scientist’s image, exploring the shifts in the relationship between science and society and the changing practices in science communication.

Let’s Get Visual: The Power of Visual Abstracts in Science Communication

IFERA is thrilled to present a series of engaging articles designed to delve into the essential strategies and creative approaches for sharing scientific knowledge effectively. From leveraging visual abstracts and mastering audience engagement to navigating the digital challenges of social media, this series will provide insights and tools for the modern researcher.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Perspectives from two generations of IFERA Presidents. The start of year 2023 is marking an important change in IFERA. After 6 years of honorable service, this past December the Board of Directors has decided upon the succession of our former President. After working several years side-to-side in the IFERA Board and Executive Team, Josip Kotlar […]

Meet Wojciech Czakon

As we are ALL already looking forward to the next IFERA 2023 conference in Krakow, we decided to share with you some initial insights taken from a conversation we have had with Wojciech Czakon, professor of strategic management at Jagiellonian University in Krakow and, together with Karolina Mania, one of the IFERA 2023 conference chairs. […]

The IFERA 2022 Award Ceremony

Once again, IFERA 2022 was able to match the highest expectations. Hosted by the University of Cantabria the Conference mixed a vibrant academic environment with the Belle Epoque charm of the City of Santander. Beside the intense program of consortia, PDW and parallel sessions and the inspiring keynote speeches by Cristina Cruz, Roy Suddaby and […]

Get to know our Latam Chapter: María Piedad López Vergara

As part of the series of interviews meant to introduce our IFERA Latam Chapter committee, devoted to the advancement of Family Business Research in Latin America, we would like you to meet Dr. María Piedad López Vergara.   María Piedad López Vergara is assistant professor for the General Management Department at INALDE Business School, Universidad […]

Get to know our LATAM Chapter: Allan Discua Cruz

As part of the series of interviews meant to introduce our IFERA Latam Chapter committee, devoted to the advancement of Family Business Research in Latin America, we would like you to meet Dr. Allan Discua Cruz. Dr. Allan Discua Cruz works within the  Entrepreneurship and Strategy Department (ENST) of the School of Management at Lancaster […]

The struggle is really different: Three PhD students at various stages share their story

Pursuing a PhD is a multiyear-long task and entrepreneurial undertaking. However, starting, concluding and succeeding a PhD during a global pandemic that does not hold back from academia is yet another story. Challenges and struggles are perceived more intensely, or maybe they are just different from those that PhD students might have encountered in pre-COVID […]